Today is Mahalaya 2017

Kolkata (Calcutta) and the whole Bengal started Navratri rituals Mahalaya on New (No) Moon day Amawasya with legend Birendra Krishna Bhadra Chandipath in early morning hours at 4.00 AM, pure oxygen and trees' osmosis time listening to All India Radio AIR Kolkata Station. Yes it's true such is glamour of the Birendra Krishna Bhadra Chandipath Recital Live from radio even in modern sound system era which has literal status of religious process on Mahalaya day for commencement of the nine nights NAVRATRI DURGA PUJA.

What is Mahalaya?

Covenant Invocation of The Supreme Savior Mother The Primordial Power is Mahalaya.
The Primordial Power initiated existence, dangers used to come every time but when the ultimate extinction is inevitable then the supreme call to the covenant name is made.

Once upon a time, no one knows which was that era or even which was the point in infinite galaxies, the primordial power arrived on Mahalaya, The Call to help demons destruction saving the existence. Shakti creates, and she saves to in danger periods.


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